Personal Equipment Checklist



Official Scout uniform(s) for your current Scouting position (Note: A complete uniform includes the official shirt, shorts or long pants, socks, and belt. A neckerchief and slide will be provided.)

Scout activity uniform(s) (Note: An activity uniform includes a Scout T-shirt or knit shirt and Scout shorts or long pants.)

Shoes or boots (no white please)

Scout cap (baseball-type, representing the Scouting program with which you are associated)

Windbreaker or jacket

Rain gear (poncho or rain suit)




Insect repellent

Tent with mosquito netting for "Outdoor Experience"

mosquito netting

Ground pad or air mattress

Sleeping bag

Flashlight with spare batteries and bulb

Pocket knife or multiple tool type (no fixed blade knives)

Medication in labeled containers

Toilet articles

Towels and wash cloths

Pens, pencils, pocket notebook

Canteen or water bottle

Handbook for your Scouting program

Backpack for carrying your gear to and from the site of the Outdoor Experience.




Change of shoes

Moccasins or camp slippers

Shower footwear


Religious book(s)

Books of camp songs, skits, etc.

Camera / film

Note: The following electronic devices may not be used during a course: cell phones, pagers, radios, televisions, CD players, tape players, and any other devices that could interrupt Wood Badge presentations or activities. | Wood Badge TN6